Digital Jedi BuzzFeed Quiz Response

When I took the Digital Jedi Buzzfeed quiz, I received the result I expected to get. I am a “young padawan.” Even though I believe myself to be experienced in a lot of social media, I still have a lot to learn about media and digital design. Although I have had some experience with certain software such as Photoshop I am still not in any type of place to be considered “experienced.” Taking this quiz was interesting because I was not so sure how to answer some of the questions. I was in between a lot of answers, but the result I received was not surprising. However, what was surprising was receiving the digital padawan title for rhetorical persuasion. Over the past few years I have had several courses in the art of digital persuasion. However, I will agree that there is always room to learn more. After taking this quiz, I realize that I need to take better interest in seeing digital and persuasive rhetoric in my day-to-day life. I could better see why certain advertisements and websites use the arguments employed each and every day.


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